Meagan and Joe

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Our Story

Meagan and Joe met online, and while that has become a bit ordinary nowadays, their first date was definitely a bit unique - they decided to have some fun and went to an arcade, where they played many rounds of all the classics: Mario Kart, Mortal Kombat, you name it. It was after Meagan finally beat Joe at a round of Street Fighter that she dropped all of her quarters from her excitement. Meagan thinks it was in that moment of laughing and picking up all the quarters that sealed the deal for the both of them…

From there, they found so many common interests from their love of food, the outdoors, snow skiing, travel, and their families. It didn’t take long till it felt like they had always been together. While their relationship grew, Joe was also starting a Kombucha company, where they decided to work together as well with Meagan running the marketing side of things. This is something they truly value in their relationship being able to work and build something together. It’s made their partnership even stronger over the years.

Early in the relationship, Joe had shared his love for fly fishing, and on one of those first few dates, Joe taught Meagan how to fly fish for the first time out on the Wilson River. That’s also the day they took their first photo together as Meagan’s family was beginning to wonder who this guy was that she had been spending all of her time with. Fly fishing quickly became a very special hobby for them, and they absolutely love to spend their Saturdays out on the river with their fly rods and a packed picnic.

In fact, it was on a weekend trip to Maupin, Oregon that Joe decided to pop the question while they sat on the riverbank watching the sunset over the Deschutes River. Meagan said an easy yes to a lifetime of spending their days just like this one.

Meagan and Joe have spent many hours on the Deschutes River and the tributary river, the Little Deschutes River, which is why it’s so special for them come August 15th to get married on the 18th hole overlooking the Little Deschutes. They absolutely cannot wait to celebrate with each and every one of you, and to capture all of the memories, will be using the hashtag: #MayolYourDreamsComeTrue
Olivia Raufman